There are two ways that you can force a page to update its cache, either by using Ezoic's caching app, or manually. Both are outlined below.

How to force a cache refresh using Ezoic's Caching App

Firstly ensure you have Ezoic's caching app installed in your Ezoic dashboard. If you don't, you can do this by going to the App Store and installing it:


Once installed, navigate to the caching app and click 'Clear Cache Now'.

How to force a cache refresh manually - *note this option only works for sites using Ezoic's Layout Tester*

You can do this by navigating to a page on your website and press Ctrl + Alt + E (all pressed simultaneously). This will immediately show you a non-cached version of the page and within 20 minutes all visitors will see the new version.

Please note that this will not work if you are viewing your site in original mode, nor if you are not using Ezoic's Layout Tester.


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