Optimize Faster By Connecting Your AdSense Data

Ezoic is a Google AdSense Certified Partner, and with this comes additional benefits to our publishers. 

One of these benefits is gain access to connect to the AdSense Certified Partner Program yourself through Ezoic. This speeds up the optimization process and helps provides more accurate data. 

To connect your Adsense, log into your Ezoic account and go to Settings > Advanced > Link AdSense.

If you are having trouble generating an invitation, reach out to your Ezoic account manager or support@ezoic.com.

Benefit #1) Using More Data for Optimization

Once enabled, the Ezoic system is able to use the data from your existing AdSense account to optimize your site even faster; using historical data. 

Essentially, this allows Ezoic to establish a baseline for improving ad revenue, which in turn speeds up the optimization process.

For more information about Adsense earnings on traffic going to Ezoic, please see 'Mediation App'.

Benefit #2) Compare Apples to Apples


Once your AdSense is linked, Ezoic will automatically pull in the data from AdSense on the traffic going to the non-Ezoic version of your pages, so we can run a direct comparison. 

With Ezoic, you can actually see in the experiments section an accurate apples to apples comparisons of how traffic is performing with AdSense alone vs. with Ezoic's help.

If you are having trouble linking your AdSense according to the directions above contact support@ezoic.com