Connecting to Ezoic's CDN by pointing nameservers is the easiest way - technically - for Ezoic to be able to serve new experimental ad configurations (which are served to segments of your site's visitors simultaneously) while you retain complete control over your site.

Ezoic works as a proxy between your user and your host. So, when a user goes to your site, Ezoic will get the content from your host and return it to your user. This means your content will still be loaded from your current hosting and you can continue updating and editing your content as you've always done.

Name servers direct your visitors to a server that shows your website. Since Ezoic will be showing new ad combinations directly to your visitors, it is required that you point them to Ezoic.

By changing name servers, we are able to build, serve, and test new ad configurations while maintaining your exact content in a non-intrusive way (without ever accessing your backend or admin area). You retain complete control over your original site and all of its content.

Changing name servers is not a permanent thing. If you wish to stop using Ezoic, you can change them back at any time and we will not have access to loading your site’s content and ads.