The Ad Tester tool allows you to easily and effectively test thousands of ad combinations on your site. You simply set the parameters (size and location) by adding placeholders to your site. 

The placeholders represent potential ad placements that the system can test. 

Once you begin testing, Ezoic's system will automatically test different combinations of the placeholders to identify the ad combinations that earn you the most. 

Because these placeholders are just representative of possible ad locations, you can add as many as you like per page. We recommend adding at least 10-15 per page or 1 of every position type where there is the content to support it. 

How to create placeholders 

(alternative method listed at bottom)

Navigate to the Ad Tester dashboard in your Ezoic account. Click the 'add new display ad unit' button to create a new placeholder.



Create Ad Placeholder

  1. Select the position type for the placeholder. It's important that you include at least one placeholder for each position type on the page. More info here.
  2. Name the placeholder something unique.
  3. Use the device toggles to specify which screensizes the ad should appear on. You can create a single placeholder for all three device types. 
  4. Select the sizes you want to test for each ad unit. We recommend selecting as many ad sizes as possible, given that all the sizes fit in the location of the unit on your site. This will give the system more options to test.

5.We have highlighted the recommended ad sizes for each device in green. The ad will only show on the device that is toggled to green



Selecting Sizes

It's important to include as many sizes that fit in the location of the placeholder on your site. 

A particular ad size will only show on a specific device if:

  • The device is toggled 'on'
  • The ad size is checked
  • The device icon next to the ad size is green

The default settings will show you what sizes we recommend for each device, but if you want a 728x90 Leader on Mobile, for example, then you must toggle it on by clicking the mobile device icon.

You can select the 'Always Compete' option if you want to ensure that size ad is an option should that placeholder be chosen by our system.

Copy Ad Code and Place On Your Site

Click the 'Create Ad Unit' button. Simply copy and paste the ad code into the location you want the ad displayed on your site. 



Now that you've created an ad unit, you know how it's done. Repeat the process until you have at least 8-10 placeholders per page. 

Alternatively, you can use the Chrome Extension to add placeholders to the site. 


Here's a link to our video on how to use the Chrome extension:

Chrome Extension



Optimal Placeholder Setup Example:

  • minimum 8-10 placeholders
  • One of each position type where there is the content to Support it