Remember, ad placeholders represent ad sizes and locations on your site that might be tested (i.e. potential ad locations/sizes). You can add as many ad placeholders as you like (we recommend putting a placeholder wherever an ad will fit - preferably 10 - 15 per page), since the system will only test a few at a time. The more options the system has to test, the higher your chances of success. Regardless of how many ad units you create, the system will never show more than the permitted number in accordance with Google Policy.

While the number of placeholders you create is important, spreading the location of each placeholder is equally as important. You don't want to create 20 ad placeholders in your sidebar! Even if you did, Ezoic Ad Tester would only show a single ad. This is because, it will never show more than one ad for each "Location of Ad".

To spread ads around the page and increase viewability, it is recommended to create a minimum of one placeholder for each 'position type' our system offers. The locations you can choose from include: 

  • Sidebar
  • Sidebar Middle
  • Sidebar Bottom
  • Top of Page
  • Under Page Title
  • Under First Paragraph
  • Under Second Paragraph
  • Mid Content
  • Long Content
  • Longer Content
  • Longest Content
  • Bottom of Page

Once you have done this, the Ezoic Chrome extension is a great way to preview each ad unit on your site, test how the different ad sizes fit on your page, and monitor whether or not they are overlapping content or violating any AdSense policies.

Check out the following article for more assistance with Creating Ad Units.