Why Publishers Use Ezoic's Layout Tester

Every web property has millions of potential variables that are directly responsible for a user's experience. These elements include everything from menu and ad locations to the way content is organised and formatted. It stands to reason that certain combinations perform better than others. What's more, all web visitors are different and actually require unique combinations catered to their specific attributes

Ezoic’s Layout Tester puts the power of artificial intelligence into the hands of publishers interested in testing all of these variables on a per user basis. This technology allows web property owners to apply multivariate testing to all of these website elements using machine learning. This means Layout Tester will automatically test and deliver the optimal website layouts and formats to each individual site visitor; resulting in lower bounce rates, greater time on site, more pageviews per visit, and higher ad revenue.

Layout Tester works with all content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), hosting providers, programming languages, and site structures. Layout Tester provides publishers with complete visibility into how each layout is performing and allows them to achieve extraordinary results using the power of artificial intelligence.

Screenshot_layout_2.png Improves UX & Revenue Using Layout Tester implemented Layout Tester in an effort to improve user experiences and revenue on their site. After over a year of stagnant growth, was able to use Layout Tester as a key catalyst to grow both traffic, UX metrics, and revenue.

Screenshot_layout_3.png increased ad earnings by approximately 25% over the course of 6 months; without altering their existing ad demand or ad partnerships. Additionally, during this period of time, saw their EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) increase by 49%. These improvements in revenue were directly tied to the essential UX metrics that Layout Tester optimizes for. saw…

● Session duration on mobile devices increased by 14%
● Pageviews per visit on desktop improve by by 29%
● Bounce rate on mobile devices drop by 10%
● 98% growth in organic traffic on mobile devices