How to integrate and change name servers at Bluehost

If you are currently using Bluehost as your host, integrating with Ezoic and changing your nameservers is very simple.

Below is a Gif image that quickly shows how to do this and where to go.


Step-by-Step Guide

1.) Login to Bluehost

2.) Go to Domains

3.) Select the domain you are integrating from the checklist in the middle of the screen (at the bottom)

4.) Select the Name Servers tab that is now available.

5.) Select "Custom Name Servers"

6.) Now Go To The Ezoic Integration Settings Page. (In your Ezoic Dashboard > Settings > Advanced > Nameservers).

7.) Copy each of the name servers on the Ezoic screen and paste them into the fields in the Custom Nameservers fields on your Bluehost page.