The Max Ads Per Page App gives you the ability to set a maximum number of ads per page for your site. It can be accessed on your dashboard by clicking on the Monetization tab and then scrolling down to its section on the page: 


By clicking TURN ON, the app allows you to set a limit to how many apps appear on pages of varying sizes, from pages featuring under 400 words to those with over 1600. This can be done by clicking on the corresponding icons under Action, as highlighted below:

The maximum number of ads can then be selected from the drop-down menus, as demonstrated below. Following this, you can decide whether to apply the settings to all devices or just desktop, mobile or tablet, before deciding whether to apply them to just the site the dashboard applies to or all of your sites.

Ezoic has the ability to show five Google ads per page, but if the system feels that the content is long enough to support more, other non-Google ads will be fielded for additional inventory. 

Additionally, selecting Maximum Five Ads per Page doesn't necessarily mean that five ads will be shown on every page. This setting just specifies that five ads per page is the maximumOne page may have no ads, another may have three, and another may have five... The important thing to remember is that user experience metrics are also being measured, so your visitors are being considered at all times.

If you decide to change the settings, keep in mind that your earnings may be affected.